Stellar Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of service vehicles, cranes, and hooklift hoists, is excited to announce the asset purchase of MD Products and Solutions.  For more information on this acquisition, please visit

We are a market leader in the manufacture and sale of Stud King Combine Harvester Head Trailers and Roose Cable Reel Trailers.  Our trailers are sold through an extensive dealer network  throughout the United States and Internationally.

Stud King brand of trailers range in length from 25’ through 48’ and Stomper Stud brand of trailers range in length from 36′ through 47′,  with a rated GVWR up to 23,000 lbs.  With the ORIGINAL smooth running coil spring and shock front suspension and torsion rear axles, our trailers are designed to be towed at highway speeds. Our trailers are sold through an extensive network of  major ag and short line dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

We also manufacture an extensive range of aftermarket motor grader and tractor fenders, made from durable polythene plastic, with patented features enabling excellent maneuverability and dependability.

All of our trailers and fenders kits we manufacture benefit from a design focused on functional simplicity coupled with a requirement for high quality in all the areas of production. All products which are directly manufactured by Stellar Industries are built by a workforce dedicated to the highest quality of workmanship and painted with a high gloss powder coat paint designed for great looks and durability.

Our production facility is located in Mason City, IA.  Mason City is in Northern Iowa, midway between Minneapolis and Des Moines, with easy access to the Avenue of the Saints (US Hwy 18),  I-35 and I-90.

Maximize your Profits with our Combine Harvester Head TrailersFor more information, check out our complete list of products.

2 Specialty Trailer Families, Ranging in Length from 25’ through 48’.

Rated GVWR up to 23,000 lbs and can be towed at highway speeds.