July 24, 2014

Regina, Saskatchewan

J. David Pitt, President of the McKay-Empire-Wiese group of companies, today announced that Ralph McKay Industries Inc., of Regina, Saskatchewan, through an American associated company, has purchased the assets of M.D. Products, Inc., of Mason City, Iowa. The deal was closed on July 11, 2014.

Pitt said that MD Products is the acknowledged leader in combine header transportation. Their product line includes 3 major trailer models – the Stud King; Mega Stud, and the Stomper Stud, with lengths ranging from 32’ to 48’. All trailers are powder-coat painted in the modern Mason City facility and feature the original smooth running coil spring – shock suspension, lights and torsion axles, which enable all the trailers to be towed at highway speed. Options include additional axles; brakes and other convenience items, topping out with a full DOT compliance package. The trailers have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) up to 21,000 lbs, depending upon specification.

The company also produces economy trailers, including the Studley – a lightweight trailer with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs; and even smaller kits used to convert running gear to short haul trailers. Another popular product line is a range of tractor and motor grader front fenders, made from durable polyethylene plastic with patented features enabling excellent maneuverability.

Pitt added that the new company, called MD Products and Solutions Inc. (MDPS), fits perfectly into the McKay-Empire-Wiese (MEW) Group. MEW had focused primarily on the manufacture of tillage tools, adding harvesting parts earlier this year with the acquisition of Harvest Services – a well-respected supplier of quality parts for combine harvesters based in Craik, Saskatchewan. MDPS already has excellent distribution west of the Mississippi, and Pitt plans to expand sales east of the River utilizing resources within the MEW Group. Plans are also being prepared to boost sales into Ralph McKay’s home market in Western Canada.

Pitt said he was impressed by MD’s commitment to its customers; the functional simplicity and convenience of the product; the skills of its workforce and the current management team. The plan is to grow the business in Mason City by increasing its distribution and customer reach. The MD production manager is Mike Taylor – MD’s longest serving employee.

The MEW Group is owned jointly by the McLeod and Giles families, both from Regina, Saskatchewan. Ralph McKay operates out of Regina; Empire Plow out of Cleveland Ohio, and Wiese Industries out of Perry, Iowa. The MEW Group offers the widest range of specialty tillage tools in the world.

Contact –
David Pitt (306) 721-9292 david.pitt@mckayempire.com

Mike Taylor  (641) 424-3601 mike.taylor@md-products.com

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