McKay-Empire-Wiese Buys Roose Mfg, Moves Production to MD Products

McKay-Empire-Wiese Buys Roose Mfg, Moves Production to MD Products

On January 31, 2016 the McKay-Empire-Wiese Group, through its associate company, MG Holdings, purchased the business and assets of Roose Manufacturing Co. of Pella, Iowa. The operating company responsible for managing the change-over is MD Products & Solutions Inc. of Mason City Iowa.

MD is the market leader in the manufacture and sale of combine harvester head trailers. These specialty trailers range in length from 32’ through 48’ in 4 product families, with a rated GVWR up to 23,000 lbs and can be towed at highway speeds. MD also manufactures an extensive range of motor grader and tractor fenders, made from durable polythene plastic, with patented features enabling excellent maneuverability and dependability. All of our trailers and fenders benefit from a design focused on functional simplicity coupled with a requirement for high quality in all the areas of production. Our trailers are all painted with a high gloss powder coat paint designed for great looks and durability. We plan to use the powder coat process for the Roose reelers as soon as possible.

Mason City is in Northern Iowa, midway between Minneapolis and Des Moines, with easy access to both I-35 and I-90.

Immediately following the purchase MD began studying the construction of the entire Roose Reeler product line, and procuring the quality materials needed for their manufacture. MD has now taken over all the production of the Roose Reeler models.

“We were immediately attracted to the inherent functional simplicity and quality of the Roose product. Adding in the benefits of our modern, fully-equipped, facility in Mason City, and our belief in the outlook for additional infrastructure spending in the USA, made this an easy decision for our ownership group.”

David Pitt

President – McKay-Empire-Wiese


MD is part of the McKay-Empire-Wiese (MEW) Group of companies. MEW is the North American market leader in the manufacture and sale of specialty tillage tools, and has plants in Perry, Iowa; Cleveland, Ohio, and Regina, Saskatchewan. The Group also has a combine harvester parts manufacturing facility in Craik, Saskatchewan. MEW sells through dealers; OEM’s and distributors throughout North America; Western Europe; Russia; Ukraine; Kazakhstan, and Australia. The group is jointly owned by the Giles and McLeod families.


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