Fenders – Front Tractor

Front Tractor Fenders

Stud King manufactures high quality fender kits for agricultural tractors. We have been manufacturing these since 1987.  Let’s be honest, you probably would not prefer to climb in your tractor that is covered in just about everything imaginable. I think we all have seen this picture and how it really can be.

  • Stud King fenders are made from durable polyethylene plastic.
  • Our fenders work well for tractors set up for narrow rows.
  • Fenders will stop mud, rocks & other debris from hitting and damaging your tractor.
  • These quality fenders are designed to provide years of superior service.
  • Protect the good looks and value of your machine.
  • The appearance of your tractor with fenders is sharp and absolutely made to fit.

Our design for Stud King tractor fenders is very unique. Instead of allowing the fender to make hard contact with side frames and other objects and damaging them, our patented spring loaded hinge assembly  allows the fender and cross members to  open when tight turning is required or bumping into solid object. This spring loaded hinge takes the load when such occurrences happen and returning to its original position thus preventing permanent damage to your fender shells and frame work.

Assembly Instructions and Part Breakdowns