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Motor Grader Fenders

Stud King continues to produce high quality motor grader fender kits. We provide a diverse range of kits including front and rear kits.  Rocks, ice, and other debris can take a toll on your valuable machines. Protecting them from damage most certainly would rate highly on the scale.

  • These machines run in the most severe conditions and are expected to run flawlessly. Downtime due to broken glass is PREVENTABLE.
  • Keeping glass clean for the operator to safely run his machine is vital, he may have to spend countless hours in the seat and needs to be comfortable with a clear line of sight. Adverse conditions are almost an everyday occurrence.
  • The downtime to replace a piece of glass and perhaps several days may very well pay for your fender kit.
  • These fender kits are designed and manufactured from high quality materials to stand up to same conditions as your grader does. Our fiberglass reinforced poly fenders take a beating continuously and prevents debris from accumulating underneath and flex to prevent additional damage.
  • We always hear that prevention is worth a pound of cure or in the case, keeping your machine moving damage free.
  • Install your Stud King {DEFENDER} kits today and you are always ready to go when you’re needed to go.

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